Just out of curiosity, if you had an almost new Ibanez artwood AW-800ECENT that you could return for at least $470 or possibly get more out of eBay... with the idea that you could get a used 4 year old Taylor 310CE that had the old Fishman electronics for $700... would you?
if I had the extra cash, yes, taylors are great instruments
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Depends on how much you like/dislike your ibanez, the condition of the Taylor and your financial situation.
It's very unlikely that you'll get more on ebay, so you can rule that option out. Trust me, it's a tough buyer's market these days.
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It's very unlikely that you'll get more on ebay, so you can rule that option out. Trust me, it's a tough buyer's market these days.

The one I have sells online for $630 at like musicians friend. I got mine for $470 as a fluke, there was a mistake on a website and another website matched it anyway. So, I figured that if it was practically new with new Elixir's AND already set up, surely I could get more than the $470 that I paid for it if they go for $630 plus it's already set up good.

There's not really anything big wrong with it... a couple of frets buzz slightly if you really smack the hell out of the strings but that's about it. Otherwise, I guess the only thing that bothers me is that people keep turning their nose up at it.

Worst case I'll be out maybe an extra couple hundred bucks. But, my electronics are better than what's on the Taylor and it's the same style guitar. I'm not totally convinced that the change will be worth it. I haven't heard that Taylor, but I've played a 3 year old 310 that I liked. But, I didn't really like it that much better than the Alvarez PD-80S professional that I just got for $150 with a new Gator deluxe case, I seriously bet I couldn't tell the difference just listening to them, and both are plenty easy to play. Anyway, this Taylor is 2.5 hours away too. I'm not going to make the drive unless I plan on getting it.
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I looked up the cost of your guitar before I posted last time, so my opinion is the same. People generally won't pay more than around 66% of retail for a used guitar, even if it's in good condition. Returning it is your best option.
teegee420 is most likely correct. it's a rough market for used guitars. even though yours is practically new, it's still used. regardless how much it costs new or how much you think it is worth, first you have to find somebody that wants it and then you have to get them to pay what you think it's worth. i'd return it if you are unhappy with it.

and for the record, i most definitely think it would be one helluva upgrade from that guitar to a pre-ES taylor 310ce.