Hello guys

After getting my Mexican Fender Stratocaster and a Fender FM 65 amp,im looking forward to get a pedal.

I have 4 options in mind:

- Zoom G2.U1
- Boos ME20
- Zoom GFX3
- Digitech RP 250

They all cost basically the same where i live.

- So which do you think is the best and why?

- Whats the difference between both Zoom Pedals? What are their targets? One is for live and the other for studio?
Im asking this because they are different models but with the same price.

- Wich of them are for studio and for live performances?

I mainly like Indie Rock music, like The Smiths, Stone Roses, Oasis but also U2 and Pink Floyd.

- Wich pedal would suit me best?

How much is that??

I'd suggest getting a single pedal or two instead of a multi FX. The only multi that are worth the money are the Vox Tonelab or Boss GT-8 IMO.
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No single pedal. I am not a pro and i dont want to play with only 2 effects. I want something that can offer me plenty of options and be flexible.

Those Pedals i mentioned cost about 150 €.

So please discuss only those pedals.
I don't think 'bumping is allowed! In any event, I use the Boss ME-20, smal compact, inexpensive and actually turns out some great tones - especially on the distortion side of things. Poor on the reverb and especially on the delay but otherwise it's durable. I would recomend buying the A/C adapter for it as opposed to batteries. Also, I like the Wah effect. Not quite at the Cry Baby level but pretty nice and easy to activate.
Just thought of this and posted on another thread for another guy..

"One problem I can think of is that there is no "bank" pedal. You can program 30 effects over 10 banks but to switch between banks you need to press a small button. I can do this with my toe but only barefoot or with a sock so unless I intend to trend set on stage this is not always an option. Having said this, however, you should only need three sounds per song anyway - usually a distortion, a clean tone and some effect (whether it be a lead guitar sound or some other sound)."