as i type this, i have a pretty large blister on my right hand (strumming) thumb...i've never even heard of this happening...
i've been playing fingerstyle now for like 2 months, in favour of the pick...but i stopped playing like half an hour ago and realised i've now got a blister,

is this normal? should i pop it??

replies before i go and jab it with a needle please ^_^
ive been playing fingerstyle for a few years now, and ive never heard of someone getting a blister on their strumming hand thumb. Hell i have never heard of someone getting a callouse there. i would go ahead and pop it though.
er.... i wouldnt pop it. it's never good to pop things. anyway, when i first started playing guitar, i learned blackbird and loved the song so much that i played until i got a blister on my middle finger. just leave it be and let it heal naturally.

i dont have callouses on strumming hand, btw.
Just let it heal or play bearing with some pain (it wont kill ya tad + it will build strengh if you play fer some time like tat )
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dont pop it, the blister and puss is your body's natural way of healing. you pop it you risk infection
i had one, i popped it, it was just full of air.
Looks like someone woke up on the wrong side of the cake this morning!

yeah, that's an inside joke. i made it different colors and sizes to be obnoxious...
you can pop it once it's finished swelling, but while it's still big, dont poke it with a twig... or rather... something sharp, but i just wanted to rhyme that.
I'm just learning to play and I have a blister on my strumming thumb right now. A while back I was playing around with a guitar and got another blister there. I really hope I can get a callous on it so this doesn't happen. I can't play with a big blister there.
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