Hi, I am thinking of getting a new distortion pedal. I have a Boss OS2 pedal. Its a decent pedal for rock, but it kind of craps out when I do heavier stuff. I have been thinking of getting the Wylde Overdrive pedal, because I heard that this is a well rounded pedal for any genre. Also, what cables would you guys suggest? I need a couple because one of mine broke. Thanks.
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I like monster cables, they are a bit over priced but guaranteed for life as long as you keep the recipt. As far as distortion the wylde overdrive is pretty boss. If you have the bones there's also the demonizer which is basically a tube preamp built into a pedal using 2 12ax7's. That's around 300 samolians
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OD pedals are weak if u use em in front of SS amps. I also suggest Moster Cables, as they are built to (and probably will) last thru almost anything.