wrote this a while back, just found it again today. did some revisions, any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

i don't know what it is with men
and how it's so hard to talk
then we'll have to fight all over again
about how this is to work

it starts so well
and ends so bad
like hell it is
simply too sad

it can't always me
who starts to talk
it won't always be pretty
so better talk the walk

i know it's hard
i'm feeling it too
but we've got to hold on
if it's me and you

one step forward
three steps back
i don't know if it's hard
or i should cut you some slack

work with me here
and it'll be fine
cause i'm tired of this tear
floating in my mind

i can't stop crying
it seems so hopeless
like i'm holding on to nothing
but i can't love you less.

cause you're my only angel
and there's no one else.
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