I agree with this comment:

"WOW! This isnt generic **** that i havent heard before."
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good song man.
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Wow, this is actually really good. Both the singing and the guitar playing. The latter might not have been terribly complex but I like the way you play, somehow. If you keep writing songs this good, I think you'll definitely get somewhere.
yeah we are working on a few more songs then we are gonna record a demo in my friends recording studio

thanks for all the comments
I agree with the guy that said "you could have a future as an artist." You should do a proper recording of it. Lyrics were great. crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=774253
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i like the one guys comment "WOW! This isnt generic **** that i havent heard before."
that made me laugh... a lot
dude awesome! i really like the guitar before the secoind verse the lil change was great! awesome vocals as well definately keep it up
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very nice. very nice.
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Actually, I do think this is generic **** that i have heard before. Well, not to say its horrible but its nothing incredibly new.

But to be honest, the vocals were really nice and the guitar was pretty good. The lyrics weren't the best but I could stand them.
not my taste in music, but it was still well written. smooth your utube wouldnt load?>.<

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wow thanks smoothrider

the lyrics are kind of sappy but im alright with them. maybe we will revise them later