Me a newbie into electric guitar.. been playin a acoustic for about a year now..

I got to get a new rig setup.. Budget of about 450-550$.. lower the better..

I planned on getting a Line 6 Spider III 75 cos it had the pedal features built in.. and an Ibanez GRG170DX .. i plan to play more of metal and rock .. alternative too.. mainly maiden metallica cradle of filth RHCP linkin park... etc.. ..

So what do you guys think.. ??
Roland Cube 30x and Ibanez RG2EX1.

15X if you want to save some cash.
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I say a Squier Vintage Modified Fat Strat and a Crate V8 or Peavey ValveKing Royal 8. Add a OverDrive pedal like a TubeScreamer, and youve got a nice beginner setup for your kinda music IMO. That might be streching things a little, but it should be well worth it.
^what he said but get a schecter C1 instead of the ibanez, better guitar all around
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try getting to a music shop and trying amps out, the line 6 has quite a bad rep round here but you might like it.
ok b/c sum of the people wont give you a serious answer, id say sum sort of Ibanez under 200-250$, then a roland cube or sum sort of cheaper crate.
that should b under 400$ *not including tax* but that, imo, is pretty good for a starter

otherwise, if u wanna save sum $ on other little knick knacks, get and Ibanez Jumpstart package
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line 6 have a bed rep around here because they're not very good once you get over the initial "new amp" phase. i've learnt from my time here to generally trust the lovely people of UG, especially when it comes to equipment.

but if you wanna try a line 6 amp, go try them. no-one here could physically stop you.
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^what he said but get a schecter C1 instead of the ibanez, better guitar all around

Scheter C1 = 400$ .. no money left for amp then..

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get a jackson SL1 and a Krankenstein........

jackson SL1 soloist = 1292$ !!!!.. no money will be left for my running my life for another 5 months..!!!

Thansk for all the other wonderful suggestions.. but the line 6 was appealing to me cos of the preset song and artist settings.. i am wanted a pedal with similar setting so that i dont have to spend time varying the settings for each artist..??

what do you guys think on that?.. maybe a line 6 POD or similar by other brands.. i am not aware of the other brands and am open to suggestions..

Also what is special about a tube amp?? .. i thought a regular 30W amp was good ..??

Awaiting reply.. Waiting for the hands to reach deep and pull me out of the darkness of ignorance!!..

i can be a lyricist .. hmm not bad..