Hope i'm posting in the correct forum?


I've not long had my Electric guitar, about 2 weeks now. I'm a big fan of Paramore, 30StM's and ICP.

I was hoping you guys can help me by pointing out some good songs by them, that i'm able to play.

Also, i have a question about tuning your guitar. When you do it by the sounds i.e. Hold the 5th fret on X note until it sounds like X. If your guitar is out of tune, how do you know the sound your trying to get is the right sound?

If you dont get me, no probs, my friend as a electric tuner and i can use that, but i just thought it would be cool to be able to whip out my guitar and tune it while they all fiddle with there tuners

Thanks in advance for any help, !m! Keep Rockiin'
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Basically, you just have to know the sound of a Low E... Eventually you'll know the sound of just about every note, but get yourself acquainted with that one first


P.S when you know the sound of the low E, tune it... (duh) then tune the A so that it goes in tune with the low E when fretted on the 5th fret Hope I helped
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