HOLA! I am in need of a single coil tone in my arsenal, all i have is a damien fr with emg hz pickups and i was thinking about either swapping the pups out for seymour duncan jb '59 set (maybe jazz or alnico pro) OR buying my friends affinity strat for $50 and modding the hell out of it. these mods would include
1.New pickups (hot noiseless or something good for a crunchy bluesy stratty sound)
2.New paint job (its black and white now.....lame im thinking of white with a red band under the strings thats nice and thick and then another really think band about an inch under that both going horizontally. Also possibly a vertical stripe in the mix. Suggestions are welcome!)
3.New tuners (schaller locking)
4.and MAYBE a new neck, idk prolly not i think im going to sand off the squier logo on the headstock and put my name in their burned....or get a fender neck....

The bridge is actually good on the guitar it doesnt wiggle at all unlike some fender standards i have played where the bridge lifts with a string bend.

and MAYBE a nut...not sure again....

Definately upgrade the nut, pickups, and tuners. A new Fender neck wouldnt fit the guitar's neck pocket. Buying the guitar would be cheape than buying the new pickups. Some Fender SCN or 70's pickups would be nice. Also, u can't buy a new pickguard that'll fit. If u want a new one, you would have to make one.
ahh thanks. I meant refinish...although thats like last thing ony my list. The neck is a little dinged up...hence wanting a new neck a little bit...but i think ill live...i love the single coil tone too much.
just buy a squier 51. its a hundred and fitty bucks and it should serve your purposes just fine
but i definitly don't want to buy a guitar. I want to fashion out of blood and tears