I bought an Ibanez S520EX a couple of weeks ago and I'm totally confused by the ZR on it.

First of all I was reading through the owners manual when i first got the guitar and was totally confused by the page about the ZPS. it has a few of diagrams of the spring cavity and an X or a O next to each one. Are these just different ways of setting it up?

So i thought i had found the correct way to have the spring tension set but i went to set the intonation last night and found that the intonation tool didn't fit into the slot on the high e because the back of the bridge was too low compared to the body. the thing the fine tuner screws into is slightly lower than the others despite all the tuners being screwed to a central position. is this normal?

So i tried to loosen the spring tension so the bridge would come up a bit and I could fit the intonation tool in and found that when it was like this the stop rod thingy in the back was being pushed out, which the owners manual doesn't seem to find acceptable. Does this mean i'll have to raise the bridge a bit?

And one last thing. My band's doing some recording in about a month and i want to have the guitar professionally set up by a tech. Do you think the average tech be able to figure out how the hell to set up the bridge or will I have to find one who has experience with ZRs?

SO. Has anyone got any useful information about any of the above? I'll be eternally greatful to anyone who does.
I got my S520 about a week ago. when it arrived it was out of tune as expected. fine tuned it up and adjusted the spring tension to about 3/4 high -----> low. the guitar is staying in tune quite perfectly and i bought it used.

Sorry thats all the info i have lol