Would it be possible to take a HHH guitar, with three-way toggle, and mod it this way?
1. Replace the middle pup with a humbucker sized P-90, seymour duncan phat cat or something like that, to make it a HSH guitar?
2. Replace the 3-way toggle with 5-way or possibly even 6-way to get more tonal variations?
You might run into some mounting issues, and it might look real weird... but hey, anything's possible...
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Id change the pots to be on/off switches for the pickups, so u have much more than 5 pickup combos.
I dunno, doesn't the new Jimmy Page Black Beauty have some kinda 6-way rotary switch? Or the Epiphone G-400 Custom with the 3 pups...they both have some kinda 5 or 6 way pup control.
If i wanted the conventional strat-style 5-way pickup selector, i'd have to do some cutting right?
^^^ you would, but you could put in a rotary so you wouldn't have to chop your axe up. I think its a good idea, versatility is a great thing to have. Personally I don't see the use of having three hummas but a single coil pup would be really useful.
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Since I am basically a n00b to guitar customization, anyone have any helpful wiring diagrams?