ok i dont want this band under "misc unsigned bands" how do i get them on the website. were do i go and wat do i do?
if that happens to me, when i submit a tab, i just put the band name instead of misc unsigned band...
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Ok guys,
Did you get this message?
We were not able to find "Your Band Name" band name in our database:

# Please make sure you spelled the band right.

# If "Band Name" band is really exist and not an unsigned band, please provide us with link to the official website of this band in your tab below and click on Submit Your Tab button again.

# If this is unsigned band please use "Misc Unsigned Bands" as artist name and " Band Name-Song Name" as song title and click submit button again.

So clear,When you provide us to the official website of that band,we can add new band in archive,
That's all.
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