It's hard to say without playing on one. Ive played on many low-end basses that have blown my mind. I recommend ibanez for a low price ranged bass. I just bought an Ibanez K5 two weeks ago; simply amazing! My gently used SRX705 will be going up on ebay soon. pm me and let me know if you are interested. I have already taken (and posted on myspace) pictures if you or anyone else would like to see.
Basically, the looks are love-em or hate-em, the active electronics are good, but the basses are made of basswood and that's not usually a good thing. They're a modern bass company and their 35" scale 5-strings, "unique" bridge designs and active electronics and humbuckers support this.

In my opinion, they're aiming at the Ibanez/ESP market. Dare I say, metal players who want quality without paying for it. Granted Traben basses don't look terribly metal (like the Bootsy "sig"), but there are a fair share of metal players who use them. Ibanez and ESP have branched off with more "traditional" series of bass, but Traben, they're all pretty much the same. They're a budget-ish company that have pretty much 1 design philosophy and stick with it.
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I was looking at a used Warwick Vampyre LTD 5'er for about $200. I went home to grab my wallet and came back and some jerk with an epic beard got it already..
yeah i have an esp guitar now and my friend has an esp f-254FM Bass but he has had a lot of problems with it so im leaning towards ibanez, or traben simply because i like how they look. I love the Ibanez "Filedy" K5 but im not spending that much.
all i know is that they are heavy and have beefy necks
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