we need more info, like what wood is it made of, what else does it bring, etc? a link to the actual the product would help
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that's definitly a good deal. 200 dollars period just for the washburn guitar alone is a steal.
Well that all sounds like a guitar combo package basically taken apart. For tips I know people say the sound of a guitar is different from its looks but you don't wanna be stuck with a skull and flames graphic on your guitar. Thats pretty much on every kids item and car accessory at WalMart. If your a beginner, its better to buy a new beginner guitar that way you come to understand how everything works and it will be easier for you to play. You can get good deals on popular instrument sites. Check some out. I'd recommend these.

Guitar One

Guitar 2

Much better then something used. Good luck, if you have any questions, get at me on my account.
Well I looked around alot and checked ebay alot and I ended up getting this guitar,strap,gig bag,amp,cable and a digital tuner for $175 and I couldn't beat that deal anywhere I looked.
The graphics arent ideal but I can live with it for a first guitar its not like I will be performing anywhere with it. This thing looks mint like it was never touched. If I decide to stick with guitar which I am pretty determined to I will look into a better guitar I really like th esp M-II but you gotta walk before you can run.

Thankyou for all your help