I just bought the most beautiful guitar. Classic Player 60's Strat. Sunburst. Amazing guitar. But it leaves me with a couple questions. How do I change the strings with the fender locking tuners? It looks like there is a hole going into the tuners, and I dont understand how to go about changing the strings with those special new tuners. Also, when i play i hear a slight ringing almost. I think it is the same concept as a fret buzz, except the string is hitting a harmonic. Its somewhere up around the 3rd fret area. Any ideas?

Might need to get your action and intonation set up, best bet would be to ask some professionals and get everything set up nicely. Also, the locking tuners, well.. It's generally the same idea as changing a string without them, but this time instead of the string being held in the hole by winding around it's being held by the thing you turn on the other side of the head. which (Not too sure) but I think it just pushes the string up tightely so it can't slide around etc. Which in turn keeps the string in tune with excessive wanking. The buzz might be if the strings are new, but I can't exactly tell by your description because buzzes and harmonics are very different things.

Watch the bumping too, people will get around to you, we aren't magicians.