Anyone ever play one of these? im just curious, as other Line 6 products seem to not be so great, but this idea looks very interesting. anyone ever try one?
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I've played one, i'ts not that great you can kind of get the same sound through an effex pedal but its just built into the guitar
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Not all line 6 products are bad.. just the spiders. I hate mine, but I happen to actually like the vettas and flextones and even the valve. Not to mention the PODs are IMO the best multi-effects units I know of.


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I'd like to get the line6 nylon acoustic variax for classical music, I like that it has a thin body and the modeling stuff looks pretty cool, other than seeing them at a guitar store I don't really have any experience with them
Never played one but they seem to have mixed reviews. Overall meant to be quite good though. What type of music do you play and what type of sound are you trying to get from a new guitar? If you want something for messing around at home/recording with to get different sounds then it would be a good buy IMO but if your only going to play one type of music then you'd be better off buying a guitar thats suited for that style. Also most the line 6 products are great, it's only the spiders that aren't.
I played one the other day when i was filling in for someone at church.

It was ok but not that great.
played one and it felt like ****.
all line 6 products are bad. IMO
ESPECIALLY the vetta's and the flextones. overpriced peices of ****.