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i need help finding a good guitar under $250 it will be my 2nd guitar

What is your current guitar?

Any design preferences?

Any particular pickups or configuration?

Preferences on neck profile?


Basically, I could do either of two things:

a) shout names and brands

b) tell you to go to a shop an to try everything there within your budget, plus maybe a few slightly too pricey (not by too much).

I think I'm going to go for b.

The reason for trying too expensive guitars is that it will give you an idea of what a bit more savings can get you; I find that in your price range almost every dollar spent more will get you a better guitar.

To give you a small example of answer a, try out a hardtail (=non tremolo equipped) Ibanez RG, an above Affinity Squier, a Yamaha Pacifica and basically anything else you can get your hands on.
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for a 2nd guitar i'd save up some more. but if you insist on 250, id probably go for a more expensive Squier Strat or Tele. or possibly a Epi LP, but im not sure if they make a decent guitar under 250(might be a little more).
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start saving and wait till you get at least 400. itll be worth it in the long run


If you are in the US, and have a Guitar Center near by, they usually have a Prez Day Sale. I picked up a Standard (MIM) Fat Strat new last year for $319. So you can get some good deals. Do not settle for a new $250 guitar.
if your only spending 250$ on your SECOND then to acturaly make it worth while you should deffinatly buy something used thats worth more like 350-450
If its not fender than whatever]
yeah right nowsomeone gave me a new first act for 50 i was looking at like an epiphone les paul or sg it comes with an amp and everything
Just go down to a music store and look around, you never know what kind of deals you may find.
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yeah right nowsomeone gave me a new first act for 50 i was looking at like an epiphone les paul or sg it comes with an amp and everything

I'd highly suggest not getting a package deal.

By getting one of those packages you'll be left with a sub standard guitar and a cheap amp.

If you want to spend your money on new gear, it's better to get either the amp or the guitar sorted out first, saving up again, and getting the counterpart.

For an amp, I'd suggest either a nice little Roland Cube and the small Vox amps have been getting some good feedback, too.

Is it the playability of the guitar or your sound you're most fed up with?
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maybe an epi les paul 100

I'd never recomend this guitar to ANYONE, your better off buying a low end squire then and epi lp 100
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Life is too short to worry about this crap.


Check out Rondo Guitars. I have heard a lot of good things about them for the price.
Best guiitars that are made in both right/left hand combination (and that by itself is a good sign!) . Never buy a cheap guitar without playing it first. Cheapo versions of "name" products: mixed bag, wouldn't recommend them. What you see the pros playing is NOT what you will be getting. A digital effects box can do wonders for very average pick-ups - so leave a bit over for that.

Sub £150/$300

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Sub £200/$400

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Sub £300/$600

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Sub £400/$800

Gordon Smith GS1, Fender Standard Series Strat, Standard Series Tele, Godin Exit 22

Sub £500/$1000

Cort M600, Gordon Smith SG1, Maverick F1 Hardtail

Sub £600/$1200

Gordon Smith Gypsy

Sub £700/$1300

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Sub £800/$1600

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Sub £1000/$2000

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I have the RG321 and Xaviere xv700, got the RG used for $175 and the xv was $300 shipped with case. xv is a Les Paul clone, very happy with both and recommend them.
The Agiles are good. I had a LP clone and sold it, as it was 10 lbs. and did not balance right when playing seated. But a really good guitar otherwise, if they use less dense wood on future models I will buy another.
if i went for a second guitar i would go all out & buy a quality one
save up your money. couple a more months ain't gonna kill ya
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Please don't tell me I'm the only one that clicked this thread thinking I would learn how to make my guitar sound like a grizzly bear.
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