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what instrument do you play and what is the first song you learned how to play? for me it was either one of the three "I think I'm turning Japanese" "Seven Nation Army" or "Iron Man" but I can't remember which came first.
Umm... on a site like Ultimate Guitar how many non- musicians do you think would come looking for tabs, see that UG has a forum and join?
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Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd.

Edit: On guitar.
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Guitar, and the first song I learned to play all the way through was Hooker With A Penis, I usually got bored after the opening riff with most songs
im not a musician. sorry.

it was otherside by the RHCP

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well, i started on trombone(don't laugh)
guitar- blitkreig bop by the ramones
and how many non musicians are gonna be on this site???
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the ex - billy talent

^it's all my friend knew how to play, so he taught me.

now i'm learning cliffs of dover. o how far i've come...
En gång i bredd (or something) on acoustic (some form of swedish folk song)

The punk version of White Christmas on bass... I don't like that song, but a hawt girl wanted me to play it, while she sang and some people played the other instruments... how could I refuse...

Possessed by Black Fucking Metal by Nargaroth on electric...
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Umm... on a site like Ultimate Guitar how many non- musicians do you think would come looking for tabs, see that UG has a forum and join?

nah I know some people who joined just for the forums because they like rock
dammit- blink 182
I had to learn what powerchords were


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The whole way through... Smells Like Teen Spirit I think.
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dont sweat how quick your progressing, i heard that Jimi hendrix didnt get his legendary guitar skills until he was dead

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well, i started on trombone(don't laugh)

i started on clarinet dude, its all good.

my first song on guitar was Green Day's Holiday. i learned Smoke on the Water days later, Iron Man about a month later.

i was a bad beginner.
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I started playing piano when i was a youngster, first music i created was most likely something out of a begginers songbook
adam's song--blink 182

either that or A favor house atlantic from Coheed & Cambria
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if your going to do your first gig id use a LP-100 affordable , genuine Paul. it delivers a classic solid and heavy tone its a great guitar
drums-back in black-ac/dc
guitar-house of the rising sun
bass-longview-green day
piano-what i've done-linkin park
Im pretty proud of myself for this. Have been playing guitar for about 5 months, and really have only been playing a bunch of intros to different songs and just messing around with it but there was a song I HAD to learn and I finally mastered it from start to finish a few days ago, Killswitch Engage - My Curse. I know its one of their easier songs but im still pretty excited I can just sit down and play a moderately difficult song from start to finish.
Fist tim i pick upp an guitawr i shreded los on blitzkrieg by yngwie j. f*cking malmsteen!

Seriously, my dad taught me a swedish melody called "Ack Vämeland du sköna". Because I started off with an acoustic I learned Nothing Else Matters and Stairway to Heaven intro.

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The whole way through... Smells Like Teen Spirit I think.

You're not the only one Then it was Sunshine Of Your Love

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first - acoustic guitar - the man who sold the world

first electric - iron man or polly (that weird version from incestide)
Either "Supersonic" by Oasis, "Boy Don't Cry" by The Cure or "SGT Pepper" by the Beatles. It was quite a while ago and my mate taught me
It might have been blink 182's anthem part 2...
I learned how to play the recorder first though, before piano and the electric guitar, but now I've lost it all so no chance of me remembering my first song if I don't remember any...
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