Yo. I was just watching some Bob Marley videos on youtube and was reminded of a question I have had for a while. Does anyone know how many sons and other relatives Bob has that are musicians? I have wondered that for quite a while. And also I don't want a number, if you can name them that would be helpful.
Bob Marley had 13 children: three with his wife Rita, two adopted from Rita's previous relationships, and the remaining eight with separate women.[8] His children are, in order of birth:

1. Imani Carole, born May 22, 1963, to Cheryl Murray;
2. Sharon, born November 23, 1964, to Rita in previous relationship;
3. Cedella Marley born August 23, 1967, to Rita;
4. David "Ziggy", born October 17, 1968, to Rita;
5. Stephen, born April 20, 1972, to Rita;
6. Robert "Robbie", born May 16, 1972, to Pat Williams;
7. Rohan, born May 19, 1972, to Janet Hunt;
8. Karen, born 1973 to Janet Bowen;
9. Stephanie, born August 17, 1974; according to Cedella Booker she was the daughter of Rita and a man called Ital with whom Rita had an affair; nonetheless she was acknowledged as Bob's daughter;
10. Julian, born June 4, 1975, to Lucy Pounder;
11. Ky-Mani, born February 26, 1976, to Anita Belnavis;
12. Damian, born July 21, 1978, to Cindy Breakspeare;
13. Makeda, born May 30, 1981, to Yvette Crichton.
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