I'm the sight of liquid on ice
You're every drink I've ever met.
I noticed you around.
Would you go to bed with me?
Because right now you're my
way out of the house my
tap for the draught beer
that lasts and lasts,
and if you weren't I'd be
staring at the dregs of some other lager
or with manic intent
at some other girl's legs.

I've never met you before in my life and
we've not spoken a word
but in my head I'm your sick puppy -
randy little fuck that
sits and begs and never gives up.
We're already in love with the
smell of sweat of sex in the air and
I'm drunk. Drunk as Hell and
I couldn't get it up if I tried
and I know 'cos I have
sat right here hoping no one would
notice. And they didn't.

Well shit.

I've got nothing to lose so I sit down beside you:
"I'm a poet and I'm not famous and I can't rhyme,
but I can drink so I know I'm gonna make it"
You don't believe me.
I can tell.

love is a dog from hell.

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i kind of liked it, but some parts didnt flow to me. but its relatable.
i need to hear some sounds that recognize the pain in me, yeah.
epic ending as always.

last stanza my favourite by far. i might crit this later if i have time... got a driving lesson now.

Glad you like it man. It's taken me all of three damn years to get this far.

love is a dog from hell.