I've had my boss gt-8 for a while now, and I was constantly fiddling to get a decent sound out of my line 6 spider II (What a shame...)


I bought a Creative X-Fi elite pro sound card for my PC, and I directly plugged in the Gt-8 with the line/phone output. What a difference!


I plugged the Gt-8 into a PA system at school. Holy #$?&! Everything had just more "Oompf" and was more defined! It was incredible.

Bottom line, I'd like to recreate that goodness at home. I've been looking at a Mesa SimulClass 2:90 Poweramp for a while now and I'm wondering if that would do it. It's a nice chunk of money so I would like to know if it's just worth it. Another thing I like about the 2:90 is that I'd be able to upgrade with a Triaxis and all that jazz...

Tell me what you think!
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I would say most def on that mesa. And the triaxis is a wonderful preamp...
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