So, finally finished the final version of this one.

www.myspace.com/thezultones , the song is Power Fest.

How's it sounding?

The vocals aren't to my 100% satisfaction... they're the best I could record on a cold.
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that was simply ****ing great !

too short !

u know when i heard the name i expected some half-assed power metal song ...
Awesome, thanks.
You'll never hear me play, or listen to power metal *shudders*

I've been trying to re-record my whole setlist to make an album, got about 6 or 7 songs to go.
Dude sweeeet

The only bit i wasn't too keen on was the PM bit at the end. I loved the riffage though, especially the pinches

I'd buy it

Thanks for the crit on my song too
killer riffage. not a big fan of the vocals but they do match the style well.
Very intense, really freaking heavy. I don't see much of a problem with the vocals, except that they were a bit too loud in the mix; they fit the song well. The drums sound like ass, but other than that everything was done pretty well. I can't say this is my favorite style of metal, but what the hey. Good job.
Lots of talent in there... but I'm not a fan of the vocals at all. I agree with above that they could work better if turned down. Try adjusting the mix a bit and making them more of another instrument in the band and the focus will be more on the guitar and less on the voice. Then it should flow better.

I'm not the right person to judge it, though, I don't listen to music that heavy.
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First of all, thanks for criting mine, im rerecording it today.

First off the intro sounded pretty technical, nice use of A.H. The guitars stayed pretty tight throughout. I wouldn't sell yourself short on the vox, they were not bad. Only think I would really work on is the drum programing, some what redundent. (Its hard not to be with drum machins and such, look at mine, same deal) Good work dude.
I actually liked the vocals, especially for having a cold, and they were way better than I can do lol.

Like the guy above me, the music reminded me of Fear Factory (like the stuff from Concrete, which is pretty much all I know from FF). But the riffs were good, chunky, and technical sounding, which makes it pretty good in my book.

Thank you for critting mine btw.
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