There are no festivals going on in Ontario that play metal!!!

I'm not talking about local bands or radio-friendly Sound of the Underground or even Ozzfest.

I want a ****ing WACKEN!!!
... and I'm sure many many thousands of others want one too.

So why isn't there a real metal festival in Ontario?

We've got many ideal spots like the Molson Amphitheater or even the place near Milton where a blues fest went down this summer.

As lame as this is, we don't even have to build it and
the bands will come,
the fans will come,

and everyone will cum in their pants with ecstasy!!!

Seriously though,
People are talking about this. Contacts through contacts, slowly we are gaining some attention.
Can't mention names, but the big guys at the top (at least in the canadian music world) say it can be done.