I almost broke my nose recently in one. there was me, two of my friends and three other guys. It was at a private party. 'Twas fun, can't wait for the Gigantour one.
"Waltz it up! The pit is it!"
I got my head smashed in, in a Yellowcard 'Wall of Death.'
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I got elbowed in the eye and lost my glasses in my first pit. I got them back though.

I've got minor cuts but nothing real.
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I got my eyebrow split open at a QOTSA concert by someone's elbow.......it was awesome.
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Has anyone ever not been hurt in a mosh pit?

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I got my head smashed in, in a Yellowcard 'Wall of Death.'


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I got my head smashed in, in a Yellowcard 'Wall of Death.'

No such thing from Yellowcard
i tend to hurt other people as opposed to being hurt
like when tall people stand in front of me
i'm not too tall.

some bird just had her elbow in my face for the longest tiiime at a HIM gig, so i bit her elbow. she moved. i win....

...i'm a bitch in pits ):
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Also you're off topic. This thread is about Reva eating snowmen.
i got hit during the goat***** sotu set
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I got hit in the back of the head with a waterbottle... when no one was moshing... =/
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Meh, got elbowed in the eye once.

My friend like, threw his neck out or something, and couldnt move his head for the rest of the night. Then he threw up alot.
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yellowcard=brutal lmao

LoG wall of death was pretty much the worst iv done, but it died down pretty fast
oh i forgot about a good one when i saw the bouncing souls, it wasnt me though, but the band stoped playing to call attention to a girl that was completely wailing on this guy, and then they had the crowd circle around and cheer her on. the the lead singer was all "the only kind of fighting we allow is when i girl beats up a guy", i think th guy got kicked out and the girl went backstage.
nothing is really intense in mosh pits after you hear stories about slayer concerts. intense ****
dont take any guff from these bastards man

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I only smoke when I've been drinking and I only drink when I've been smoking.
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someone accidentally hit me in the face once

"Waltz it up! The pit is it!"
I got bit...in the head.
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How are you so fucking awesome at music?

I died in a mosh once, but the music was so br00tal I rezzed.

I think it was a Fall Out Boy concert.