I'm talking new pickups, strings, and paintjob. What are some things I know or who should I talk to for help with this. Specifically what do I do when it comes to the paint job. I have an artist I wanna ask to put some cool designs on it, but I don't know, nor do I think he knows, anything about painting a guitar.

Any help would be awesome.
As far as pickups are concerned, you could probably do well with a set of burstbuckers or alnico V's to make it sound more LPish.


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get gibson pickups, ernie ball strings, which you should change regularly anways...
gibson paint
gibson everything and it will be great.
well if u hav a ****ty amp, that would b the place 2 strt. but, i always thought a crappy les paul would look badass if it had sum emgs in it
for painting a guitar, look at the ultimate painting and re-finishing thread (stickied at the top of the page). Basically, sand, put down proper base coats of paint, have the artist paint the design, then clearcoat. More detailed tutorials are in the thread I mentioned earlier.

Strings are fairly obvious on how to change.

Pickups- one you figure out a combination you want, you can find a wiring diagram on www.seymourduncan.com and solder away!
Umm... buy a new guitar
The special II is a horrible guitar, what you should do if you want a good LP mod, buy an Epi LP Studio and do these mods to that. You'll be much happier with the results.
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Didn't Kerry King use MGs at some point?

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sell it on ebay and bam you transformed into 250 dollars.on a more serious note it isnt that bad of a guitar but i wouldnt do anything cosmeticaly until you have got the tone you want