When I sweep, I'm pretty sure (confirmed by many other guitarists, including a few teachers) I roll my fingers and pick everything correctly. However, when I roll my fingers, there are occasionally echoing strings (because of my guitar's ridiculous sustain). Instead of quickly muting it with the rolled fingers, my picking hand tends to block the string after picking it with the side of it, sort like the fatty part of the palm. Is this wrong? Is there a "more effective/efficient" hand position for the picking hand when sweeping? If you could help me out, that'd be great. =D
cut the fat from your hand and you'll be coming along fine....

sorry but, i havent got a clue what you mean.
It's perfectly okay to do that
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That's perfectly fine. You use the palm to mute the strings below the one you're playing, and the fretting hand fingers to mute the other ones.

You can also use your picking hand thumb to mute; basically you just mute the string with your thumb at the same time as you pick the next one. This may actually be better, as you make less contact with the guitar, which means more freedom of movement and speed.

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sorry but, i havent got a clue what you mean.

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