I have an esp ec-400 and it has 9-42s on it right now and i want to change them. I was thinking 13-56 because i would be playing in drop B and 2 steps down. Would this string gauge be good? Also will i need to adjust my bridge or anything if I change the string gauge?
You may need to file the nut. Your action could also change by doing this. An easy fix.
Do you use a BR-600?
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ya, your intonation goes to crap if you jump up string gauges (or so i'm told). i've never used anything past 11-52 so i don't know, but i would hope you have some strong fingers to play with those strings...

anyways, you'll probably want an intonation adjustment with those. if you know how to do it yourself, great. if not, go to your local music store. they'll fix ya up.
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i don't know much about drop B...not my thing.
but a string gauge jump like that will probably require the guitar to be set up again.
string height, intonation, and probably some work with the truss rod. take it to a local shop with a good luthier who knows a thing or two about metal
you will need to set up the intonation and you are going to need to file the nut, because the string won´t fit in there

you would probably won´t need a truss rod adjustment because you are using heavier strings with less tension, so the overall string tension is going to be almost the same
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