I am trying to learn how to fingerpick, but I got no idea of how to start, or what fingers should i use for what strings or if it doesnt matter. Any excersices or songs that are good to figerpick?

Links are welcomed

tears in heaven by clapton, slow cheetah - RHCP, one lase breath - Creed, One thing - Finger eleven. there's a lot, and there is a lot of other threads on it as well.
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Dust in the Wind by Kansas or Stairway to Heaven are two good songs to start with. Maybe u could try the Light and the Glass by Coheed and cambria, depending on what kind of music u like.
finger pick most of your songs ex. learn fly by night-rush that can be played fingerpicking there are many other rock songs that can be played EASIER with fingers then with a pick but yes post above me is right dust in the wing ect... are great songs as well
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i was in your place about two months ago and found this site:

its more folk as you can see by the title, but it was a good intro. ive applied the techniques i learned in some of my own songs and adjusted some stuff to fit my own style and now im pretty decent at it!

I also just threw my picks in a droor and made myself play songs i already knew without a pick. some worked out and some really werent possible, but ya that helped too.

good luck
Yea, i know about Justiguitar, completely forgot about it, thats how i learned my first chords!
So, is there any specific way to play fingerstyle (what finger is used on each string or any other technique).

And should i learn the videos and then work my way by myself or does anyone suggest any other excersises?

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Try Walk Away by Ben Harper... That and Tears in Heaven really helped me out. Then try Signe by Clapton, that really helped me with the slapping technique.
I'd say first just try to do it with your thumb, index, and middle finger. Get good at doing "rolls" over some basic chords. Then slowly progress to using your other fingers.
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