Hey Right now I'm looking for a nice distortion pedal since my DS-1 crapped out on me. I Play RHCP, Hendrix Stuff like that. Right now I'm looking at a Pro Co RAT2.

Any other suggestions? Price limit around 120$
marshall jackhammer?
overdrive/distortion modes..

sounds like a big marshall.
EHX Big Muff. Nice distortion, does classic rock stuff well. Not great at high-gain metal stuff, but still good. Should do Hendrix nicely, if u have a Strat. And its only about $70 or so. Also look at the Jacques Fuse blower. I think its around $120. Its a pretty new company i think, so i dont have much info on it.
I mean the Big muff's are nice but they got Soooo much distortion, A little less/ smaller pedal would be better
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But the Fulltone is more of a Overdrive pedal not distortion right? or if you crank it does it get pretty dirty?

Because Right now I have a Boss Blues Driver BD-2 which is nice as a slight overdrive, but It would use it more as a boost for leads and such,
Boss DS-2 Turbo Distortion... great for RHCP. It has DS-1 in it - Turbo Mode I and DS-2 (which means more gain) - Turbo Mode II .
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