I'm binding a headstock with sharp corners (prs style) - how do i go about doing the corners properly? can i bend the binding and put it on all in one piece? or should i put it on in a bunch of little pieces?

any tips or advice on how to bind corners would be great thanks
All you have to do is go to the edge of the corner and cut off the binding, then start binding again in the same spot...pic in a minute...

It'll require a little work cutting the angle right, but it's not that tough.

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You can use acetone to melt the two pieces together, I believe. Don't quote me on that, as I'm not 100%.
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yea acetone can be used to melt the plastic together. But no binding wont do sharp angles. Pieces is the way to go.
The acetone trick can only be used on certain binding, it will not work for PVC bindings.

What shape is your headstock going to be? Binding can be bent will boiling water or a hairdryer.
I tried using a hairdryer but it didn't work.

I just finished the binding using my scroll saw to cut the binding on an angle so it all fit together nicely.

I think it turned out well, I'll see tomorrow.

This is the rough shape:

Hairdryer will work for corners, you just need abit of heat. Though for edges that sharp mitering was the better choice.

Hope it turned out well! We need to see some pictures of the rest of this build.
I will post pictures soon, I'm still doing some experiments and perfecting my idea's

Thanks for the help though, you guys are great
if you do it and still have gaps at the corners, try using a bit pf epoxy, super glue might work, but test it on a bit of the binding first and on the paint on the headstock if its painted.
then sand it lightly, then paint the glue to match it to the colour of the binding