I have a electroharmonix metal muff, boss metal zone, equalizer and others but those are the main pedals i use. I can get a great sound for heavy riffs but i can not seem to find out how to get the settings so it sounds nice for soloing, although i am not great at soloing yet i would like to play what i now on something that sounds good, so any hints on how to get a nice solo sound? Any help is much appreciated.
for the solos cut the bass back some and bring out the treble and mid frequencies so you can cut through and sound smoother
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Unless your EQ is a big part of your sound, set it to be a mid and slight treble boost, and cut your bass down a bit. Maybe add some gain as well.
man just cut down the bass an add mids an treble an if you happen to have a compressor pedal use that, i do an it works great
i do have a compression sustainer how should i set that for it?I use it but not very majorly at all, and my eq currently is set up just to give me a deeper tone for chunky riffs which isnt neccessary.
ok well ive never used that one but on my Dyna Comp i have a output knob an a Sensitivity Knob an i turn the ouput to about the 2 o'clock position an i turn the sensitivity to the 11 o'clock position that may or may not work for you, an the way it will help is it will add a little more treble to your sound an make it more crisp an clean
it has an attack, sustain, and tone knob, on it i will test different combinations with it

edit: how much will the order i have the pedals in differ in the sound currently going from my guitar to my amp in this order i have the metal muff, comp, and eq.
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i dont realy know but i mine set up like this Wah, Comp, Bad monkey, Phaser, Metalmuff