I keep having the trouble fo the strap at the bottom of my guita falling off. i keep buying new straps and that are hard but the leather or plastic gets soft and keeps falling off i dont jump around much with my guitar i barely have it down by my knees and i rarely am standing up when im playing so most of the weight is on me and my guitar isnt heavy euther. but i need to know how to stop it because i ahev an important gig where im going to need to jump around alot. What can i do to stop it coming off?
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Buy Strap Locks.

I have the Dunlop Strap Loks they're really nice to have.

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yes strap locks, mine were £10 and there gold plated lol, bit of a bargin really
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straplock are nice... but i prefer the "cliplock" from dimarzio.... i dont trust regular straps...

after my first gig... *shrugs*
dunlop strap locks all the way, it makes your strap last longer too.
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STRAP LOCKS... since you've already wasted money on buying more straps i suggest the plastic ones that are like 2 bucks they work good
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