Please refrain from the "metalcore sucks go headbutt a bullet" comments
But what makes for a good metalcore/Melodic Death Metal solo?
Everything i write sounds so 80'sish and cheezy
Like Killswitch solo's are totally off the wall (ex. End of Heartache)
Any techniques I should learn?
Quote by FRDesign
Harmonic minor, Phrgian, Phrygian Dominant,

Hahaha, more specific please. Haha.

Also, thread title is an oxymoron.

*holds up hand*

*looks around for hi-5*

*puts hand down*

Seriously though, just mess around with different tones, you'll find something that fits better than someone from here just trying to blurt out modes and scales for a song they've never heard
try not to stay in one scale going up and down, do a lot of slides, sweeps, pinch harmonics ect.
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