Hey UG, I;ve currently been lookin' into the dean replica/players guitar of the great Dimebag Darrel. YOu know, the one with the lightning bolts, deemed the Dean from hell...

Whats your guys's take on this axe?
i don't really like the shape, (thats just me) but the lightning bolts on it are pretty cool
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The question i would ask is why are you wanting to buy it?

You can get a different ml that sounds the same for alot cheaper. Your basically paying alot more for something just because its a signature model.

Im not into signatures unless
A) You cant find anything configured like it for cheaper.
B) Your going to hang it on your wall as art.

And im talking pure signature models that are 100% a exact guitar replica of the original. I dont count razorbacks, randy rhoad models or other guitars that are designed by artists for mass production for consumers. I prefer the concept of make your own path and dont ride on the coat tails of others.