My band just recorded a new song called time trippin, we also posted a improvisation on there were we went with a progression, however that one is 14 minutes and a bit lengthy. The only problems with time trippin is we miced to drums incorrectly, bass and one crash actually. So enjoy-the link is:

Its a good song, im sure you know it needs some work, perhaps bit less obvious blues structure perhaps? Also the bass is mixed badly and comes in at strange points, im not sure if this is intentional? The kick drum sounds strange in the chorus part, a bit out a sync. Overall its cool though, ive heard much worse! Solos pretty good, apart from where you mess up, but hey, no-ones perfect
Diezel, Motherfucker
Groovy. Planning on doing vocals?

And why bother having a 'street team?'
Who dat?
Thank mh, yes this was a rough recording, we actually had a perfected recording with the bass and crash re miced, the bass problems fixed and the solo all worked out however we lost the file and now are re recording tommorow. My guitarist has realized the obvious messup and the blues scale was intentional because we kinda wanted something people would all recognize as led zepelin influence.
Anarion- no vocalist yet and the street team were about to ditch, we realize we do all the adverstising and our **** street team does nothing around here.
i like em both, got anymore to put out?
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Yea I noticed that the bass was off beat a few times, but I loved its simplicity. Octaves sound great and less is always more.

But I loved the song, I was rocking out on my bass over the progression.
Instrumentally is was good. Nice riffs, very tasty. All is good except for it gets a little boring. You guys would be insanely better with a singer. That song just calls for some vocals. Yeah, but other than that keep up the good work.
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Thanks for listening all, also we had more songs but they were for gay school projects, and the rest were bland old songs we did about a year or two ago, we recently have been trying to make and record a song atleast every 2 or 3 weeks so we will have many more out very soon. Vocals we are working on, no subjects in our school even to try out.
Yeah the bass (me) had some problems with the guitar effect on Foreign Skies/Voyage with timing and we resolved to problem on Time Trippin'. I agree that we need a singer.