Okay, so I know there's pry a thousand threads revolving around this idea, however this would probably be a lot easier than finding a day old thread, posting, and hoping I get a response. Hope no one minds.

Anyways, the first question is when you should get a new guitar. I have been playing for a little over eight months and my birthday is next month (so nine months for you non-math doers). Is that too early for a new guitar? before you answer, let me tell you I'm using a Dean Vendetta now and I have been. I feel I should upgrade. Now, I'm not going to set a steadfast budget as honestly, I just want to spend what I need to. So, folks, let me know. The only preference I have would be to have a tremolo. That would be so nice.
Go for it... go to GC and find something you like and ask for it...

What about your amp? What kind do you have? If you have a piece of crap, an amp is a better choice...

What kind of music do you play? That would help out in answering this for you too...

Also, for tremolo, do want a fender-esque trem or are you looking for floyd-rose-esque?
your mostly likely going to be asked:

what amp
what genres

edit: ^see i was 2/3

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

wow thats about the same time i got my next guitar and that is the same guitar i bought too...kinda weird. thats an awesome guitar really light weight if you havnt played it before and sounds great too. if your using a guitar that comes in one of those starter packs then i would definitely buy it. i would buy it considering i already did.
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I don't really want to specify a budget as it's pretty adjustable and if I go to those of whom are financing me, I can adjust and haggle to get whatever if it's highly reccommended. Obviously not a Les Paul Studio, but you get the point. I'm not sure someone up there understood, but what I meant was I HAVE the Vendetta and want to upgrade. The amp is not a worry. I'm set there. As to play styles, I love all music but most importantly metal (A7X, Metallica, Megadeth), Ska (Sublime, RHCP, bands most people haven't heard of) and any riff or lick I can get my hands on. Getting those sounds aren't a huge problem, I have an amazing effects pedal set up and a nice loud amp, so that's kind of why I'd rather a new guitar. And I really don't care, so long as it's a tremolo
schecter damien 6 FR. its got passive EMG's and a floyd. and its not too much $$$
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schecter damien 6 FR. its got passive EMG's and a floyd. and its not too much $$$

I cruise guitar center, musicians friend, and all that jazz about ten times a day and somehow I always wind up on that guitar... I love it but my only fear is that it seems absolutely incredible for metal, but what about other stuff... and if there's cheaper out there that would be spiffy too. I won't settle on that, so other opinions are still desired please.