Well the moon rises up, and the sun falls down,
and I walk through the sidewalks, of this zombie town,
I look over at the houses, all lined up in a row,
then look straight ahead, and I wonder who knows,
if God is real and, if the truth is a lie,
why I think what I think, and when I die,
will I leave something, worthwhile behind,
or just fade away, before my time,
Well the people go round
just like they did yesterday
a soul gets killed,
and a soul gets saved,
and yeah I’m alright,
and I’m okay,
and the people go round
just like they did yesterday,

Well the earth keeps on turning, and it’s not gonna stop,
so you can be straight-edge or you can smoke some pot,
you can be a believer, or you can not
see the eye in the sky just don’t be bought
by people who push, their opinions onto you,
by people who tell you, what your gonna do,
cause when you’re dead and gone, and the worms have had their fill,
the life that you’ve lived, is your only will.
we’re laughing at the world,
and we’re laughing at each other,
we’re laughing at our family,
our friends, and our lovers,
we’re laughing at the earth,
and we’re laughing at the sky
and we’ll die laughing,
with bloodshot eyes,

I know it's a little cliche and cheesy, any suggestions on how to change that would be greatly appreciated.