Hey guys, as you can see in my sig I am working on a new setup. I dont know what is coming first, the guitar or the amp... when I come across some money (tax return or job) I will just start keeping an eye out for deals on both fronts and pounce on the first really good deal I see.

That said, I have pretty much decided on a tube amp. I know they require a bit more upkeep and such, but I think its just the way I want to go. We have a saying in my car circles, "Mod once, mod right," and I am kinda taking that approach now too... I dont want an amp thats only going to do me good for a year and a half then need a new one again. Also, before anyone says anything, I have spent a good number of hours reading stickies and old threads here and reading reviews on musicians friend, but I honestly dont know if its done anything besides make my head spin. According to the sticky:
Quote by Sticky on amps
And for valves:

<20W: practice on your own
20-30W Band practice/Recording
30-50W Gigging.
>50W Hearing damage.

Well, currently I am practicing for fun, but will eventually be putting my recording gear to use for a one man band project (for my own personal enjoyment) and hopefully this summer and/or next fall I would like to be in a band. Going off the guide, that puts me in all ranges besides hearing damage. I guess I think that I would probably want something around 30W, particularly since I cant see myself playing something more than a 300 person benefit or local show (they have those all the time back home) or maybe a medium sized bar.

So my biggest problem is which one? I've read so much about different tubes, mid spikes and scoops, sound qualities, white noise, etc that I cant keep any of it straight! I am most likely going to go used, but if need be I will shell out for a new piece of equipment as well. Most of the music I play is going to fall within the realms of Def Leppard, GNR, Ozzy, Van Halen, Skynard, Alice Cooper, Warrant, ACDC, Metallica, Winger, Quiet Riot, Iron Maiden, Queen, and so on and so forth. Can anyone help me out with a few models I should be keeping an eye out for? At the moment, I am avoiding Marshalls (the sticky seemed to go pretty hard on the Marshalls up until the high price ranges) and Fenders (seemed to be a more bluesy and old-fashioned sound that I am looking for), and I am looking for a Peavey Classic or Valveking and a Crate V33 (either 1x12" or 2x12"). What do you guys think about that? Any others I should particularly avoid or persue? What about the 1x12" vs 2x12" issue, would it be a big deal either way, or what do you think there?

I should also say that I dont plan on relying on the amps distortion if that helps any, I generally like stomp boxes/pedals. It might sound a little off or rediculous to some of you, but something excites me about having a bunch of pedals in front of me anyway, plus I like the versatility and durability that comes with them. I wont be worrying about those until after the good guitar and amp though, I am perfectly content with my EHX Metal Muff and DS1 for practicing for now. Thanks to all who help, and sorry to those sick of the neverending onslaught of tube amp threads.
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