hey, my band civilian recorded some stuff recently, but since that name is pretty popular i have to just post it on my own myspace, have a gander at one of our songs, its called destination, forget the rest of my garbage on my page.


Right off sounds like a coheed song I heard the other day. The vocals were a nice surprise actually, I was expecting some high pitched voice. The bass and drums were in synch I loved it. The guitar was a bit obscure at times, around 1:00 I think, the bass and drums were grooving and the guitar didn't contribute imo it messed it up.

The pre-chorus/chorus (can't tell) sounded like the singer had a few key problems.

I ****ed loved the bass solo in the middle, your bassist is rather good. The guitar went perfect with that part as well.

Are you the singer? Because I noticed one of the main riffs being turned into simple chords during the singing parts.

The whole song up until the solo/bass solo was a lil repetative, maybe toss in a quick riff to mix it up?

Overall, pretty good job I enjoyed it.
ha, thx. i guess the song is now on my ug profile, so if you dont want the spaminess of myspace just go there.
guitarfreak777, thx, im the bass player, it was a free recording and it was done by a recording student at the town college around here so that might have something to do with his vocals. but im glad you enjoyed my A-E bass pop slap. :-D. Its also not the master recording so we will defiantly touch it up.
when we recorded that we were a trio, we picked up another guitarist since then. we recorded two songs, only got one done which is that one, we have around 7 or 8 originals.

EDIT, i just added the other song i have to my UG profile, its not done, vocals need to be added.
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The new song was pretty cool, the bass was a little high during some of the basic rhytme parts imo, I could hear it rattling. I'm sure it's just due to recording though.

Pretty cool stuff, how long you guys been playing and ages of you all now?
4 years, me and the guitarist/singer, we've had two other drummers and another singer at one point. but we are all around 19-20
You'll have to come back and post, or PM me when it's out. Seems like it should be some good listening.