ive been playing guitar for 2 years, give or take.
anyways, i always find myself picking up my dads acoustic and playing all my electric stuff on it and it sounds stupid, obviously its the non use of pedals and whatever.
but what im writing this about is that i need a song that is decently catchy, slightly difficult, but all in all a good song to play on acoustic.
songs like...
through the glass-stone sour
beginning of behind blue eyes-the who
any help is greatly appreciated
crazy on you (intro specifically)- Heart
razor-foo fighters
stranger things have happened-foo fighters
taylor-jack johnson (again intros the fun part)
swing life away-rise against
savin me-nickelback
heart shaped box - nirvana
Did It Doggy Style: I Sat Up & Begged, She Rolled Over Played Dead
Smashing Pumpkins version of Landslide

Kansas - Dust in the Wind

The Who - Behind blue Eyes

Queesnryche - Slient lucidity

I also play Black Sabbath's - Electric Funeral on my Acoustic

Black Sabbath's - Laguna Sunrise, Fluff and Embryo

That should get you going.

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