I'm looking for some opinions about weather to get a fender standard strat or do up a strat copy that i currently have. The "do up" would include new tuners, paint job, new bridge, new pickups, new scratchplate, new nut and a fender neck. So basically just replace everything but will cost less than getting a new standard strat.
well, if you wanna do the remake, then go for it

if you dont wanna spend the time to do it, then buy the new one
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I wouldn't mind spending time doing it, that way i get to learn all the techniques and stuff of customizing guitars but it's just weather you think it would be better to buy a actual fender guitar where you get good craftmanship or make my customize my own with all the things i want.
Well, I don't really think it's worth your money most of the time to get a Fender. I love them, no question, I just feel that you're paying quite a bit for the name alone.

As long as your gutiar has decent woods for the body then go for it, I'm basically doing the same thing. You can end up with a better guitar than the Fender for less cash. I'm aiming for MIA quality or better for MIM price with mine
If the action and fit and feel on the guitar you have are nice, I'd say mod it. Because if it plays beautifully, but looses tuning or has bad tone, then fixing it up with nicer components will help. I built a guitar from scratch and since I'm new to luthierism, I'm betting I didn't build a tonaly beautiful instrument, but it sounds like an angel. It's cuz I put Pearly Gates in it, so yeah pickups really matter.
yer thats the problem, i doubt it has a nice feel because its one of those really cheap guitars from ebay that no one has heard of. Im pretty sure its made of basswood, which isn't exactly what i would want a strat to be made out of.
Alder is preferable
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