so when i bought my guitar i had only been play almost a year and i didn't really know what i was doing. So now that i have been playing for more than 2 years, i realised that my guitar plays HORRIBLE and the action is super high compared to every other guitar ive played. even the same exact guitar as mine in guitar center plays 5000 times better. so i start to try to figure out what the problem is, and i look down the neck and realise it bows out somewhat and isnt perfectly straight, so i fix that expecting it to let me lower the action and make everything easier. so i do that, and then i lower the action and set the intonation perfect. but i still can't get the action low at all without crazy buzzing, the action is expecially high on the high frets, and really low on the low frets.

so today i looked down the neck again extremely closely and i have come to the conclusion that my neck goes slightly forward off the body. the neck is perfectly straight, it just goes very slightly crooked forward off the body. and i think that would explain the extremely low action low frets and really high action high frets.

but anyways, is there anyway to fix this. i thought maybe you could easily fix it by messing with the screws holding the neck on from teh back of the body, but i don't want to mess anything up.

if anyone could help me any that would be great.
The screws wont change anything. Bolt on necks can be shimmed and a few have an adjuster screw in the neck joint. But if you dont know what your doing its best to take it to a shop.