crouched behind a dumpster
in an alley i wait
i wait

six bums pass through
one cop walks by
sweat rolls into my eyes
i blink
i wait

i hear a girl laughing nearby
lycanthropy sets in
it is no longer me inside my skin

i smell her as she comes near
my mind relapsed to a canine state
the desire for meat makes me salivate

i grab her by the throat
pummel her head into a wall
she doesn't have time to scream
a cell phone drops from her hands

on the other line,
a boy listens to bones snapping
he hears me gnawing her flesh

the meat sets me free
I think our musical tastes will vary greatly as I don't think these lyrics are really in my genre. I was quite surprised where the story went after the first few bits .

Are these words supposed to be symbolic of some greater struggle or should they be taken literally?