My action is great up until about the 12th fret and then it sucks, it's way too high and my fingers get caught when i try to move quickly. I just bought this guitar used, it's a PRS tremonti SE. Can this be adjusted, and is this something I should have a professional do?
You should be able to raise or lower the bridge on that guitar. There should be what appears to be two big screws...one on each end of the bridge. The screws go into stud bushings pressed into the guitar body. By turning the screws clockwise, you will lower the bridge or counter clockwise to raise it. Obviously, the screws, for the most part, adjust the height of the side of the bridge they're located on. If you get string buzz after you set the action to where you want it, you will probably have to address other setup issues like neck relief or a fret job that may hinder you from lowering the action to where you want it. Since you bought the guitar used, it would be a good idea to take it somewhere and get it setup right...not just raise or lower the action, but, check/set the neck relief, deal with any high frets or level and recrown the frets altogether, the nut may even need some work, etc. Whatever it needs to make it play like you want. Not that you can't do it yourself...you can. But, you may lack some of the tools.
hmm ok well i'll see what happens when I lower the bridge a bit. How much does a professional set up like you described cost?