So i've been playing guitar for probably 5-6 months. I do practices some what often, but theory is starting to confuse me. I look up scales and play them, but I am confused with the things below;

1 All the scales I have are only on the third, fourth, and fifth string. So how do I get scales that include the first, second, and sixth string as well?

2 Chords have been trouble too, I don't understand what I am suppose to practice. I have a list of chords, but what do I do, just play through them, compare say G major to G7, I don't know.

3 Since I had trouble in the beginning with picking, i've been using my fingers ever since I started, but I want to play rock music. It's not too much trouble to use a pick, but it is frustrating. Are there any exercises that I can get that will increase my pic speed a lot?

4 I don't have a tutor, so for practicing I simply play songs in my guitar book, and probably every other day work on scaling, well I have been for the last month. What else should I put into my practice sessions to help myself?
I know quite a few scales, but the overall definition and theory behind them isn't really my thing, so I'll let someone else explain that, lest I totally butcher your idea of what they are.

As for picking.. practice practice practice. There's loads of exercises you can find that can help in all kinds of picking. Alternate, economic, sweep, etc. etc. It just takes work. If you want to get better with picking though, don't get frustrated halfway through your practicing and say "screw it, I'll work on it more later" everything you learn, use your pick, until you decide to advance your fingerpicking more. Chords are a lot of theory, and although practicing them superficially is helpful, and CAN be enough once you learn the sounds, it's better to get into the theory behind them, which you'll learn more later on. G7 is simply a G chord with an added 7th, but to understand that, you'd need basic theory. You can find A LOT online, and I would recommend it. Guitar books are fine, but I prefer when I can 1 on 1 with people either through a forum or something. Cause a book can't explain a whole lot, and if there's something confusing you, you can't ask a question.

Good luck, and stick with it. Don't let the fire die is the best advice I can give. You'll get better.