Anything I can rub on it or something to make it easier to slide up and down it? It's starting to feel weird and ****. Anyway to make it smoother?
is it like rough or is it sticky.. sounds like you've been playing it with dirty hands or something.
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Something like finger ease works REALLY well; I use it myself, and I adore it. Makes both the fretboard and the back of the neck smoother/faster, as if it were almost frictionless.
Also softens rough calluses, so they don't make the strings buzz.
I found it at my local Pawn Shop.
You can see it on top of my amp in my profile pictures, if you need proof of my praise of it. =]


There's other products like it, too. I believe GHS Fast fret does something similar.
Only seems to be aimed at strings though.


Personally I wouldn't go as extreme as to sandpaper my neck unless it was ridiculously old and rough...
I really think Finger Ease would help, and would be a lot less of a headache.
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either an extremely fine sandpaper or u can try to refinish the guitar neck...or you can go with the tried and true method of play it for years & years & just wait!
Dont sandpaper it just get some really fine steel wool. I got a pack at walmart for like 3 bucks. You will have to do it about once a month or so. Just slide it down the back of the neck a few times and your good to go. It gets the grim off the neck and takes off the very top of the gloss coat on the back of the neck. Also its about the safest thing to us...