i saw these guys live and they are one of my favorites. I'm trying to learn some of their songs for my band to cover, but i have trouble with some of the solos. i alredy know seize the day and gunslinger, and i'm learning scream. what are some of their easier solos that dont have a lot of extremely fast runs or sweeping? any help is appreciated
Not metal you ****tard.
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yeah it is buddy

Not gonna win this argument in the metal forums, and for the record they're more like hard rock.
Metalcore, it's metal but there's a lot of hard rock and hardcore influenced and also due to traffic reasons you're supposed to take it to the hardcore forum.

And don't argue with whether A7X should be here or not, you're not the first person to argue that. And you'll probably lose.
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Gunslinger? AND Seize the day?

Did they just recently purchase a Demons and Wizards CD?

i just friggin noticed that too.

Man that would be weird if A7x did power metal.

They suck
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