Well im in a band, and i love the band and they (seem lol) to love me. we are all friuends anyway and listen to the same music. so things are progressing really well.

now these other guys in area have started a band, and from what they tell me its gonna be like black metal and stuff, and im quite into that. and its good because they say
"you dont have to be skilled, because we are all new to join the band"(they are looking for a rhythem guitarist. right now they have a lead guitarist, bassist, vocals and drums

so basically. im thinking of joining their band as a side project, so that i can extend my skill and my knowledge of guitar and gain a bit of experience with them. but again i love my real band too much to just be their rhythem, i want to try my skill at soloing/lead, coz im pretty good (better than their current lead) and i think they would be impressed if i sent them a sample of my work.

so question::
should i upset the balance of their band with my skill and become their lead guitarist (man that sounds vein sorry) and treat their band as a kind of experiment/side project.

or should i just continue learning my theory and rock even harder with my real band?
It's okay to be in two bands.

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Make sure you know how to split your time correctly between your side project and your real band (your real band is much more of importance if you are treating the other ojne as just a side project)
Our drummer is in 3 different bands. As long as you don't suck with time management being in two bands isn't a bad thing.
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There's nothing wrong with being in two bands at once. You can explain to your current band that you're not ditching them if you think they'll get worried. Try out this new band and see how you like it.
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