my central air thing.. (the form of house air conditioning that has vents in rooms) makes my pickups hum whenever it's on, even when I'm at the far end of my house in a room that doesn't have a vent nor any rooms with vents nearby, as soon as I turn off the air the humming stops, and when I turn it on, there's a delay of a few minutes, then it starts again :P
We're in summer here in Australia.. air con is on a lot ..

anyone else get problems like this or is it some kind of freak accident?
could be a motor going bad in the air handler or bad ground to the circuit.
or some crazy electrician could have wired it to a circuit your amp is plugged into.........

I suggest plugging one of those outlet testers into your outlet and seeing if its wired correctly.

HD has them for cheap and they are nice to keep around the house:

motors can really mess with audio gear easily but its fairly uncommon to get this with an AC blower motor being its so far away...
I can see the vacuum cleaner doing a lot of buzzing with an amp though.
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Whenever someone's vacuuming upstairs in my house, it makes my amp buzz; not my pickups, though.
hmm, if it's electricity circuit.. don't really understand that stuff, but my brother is an electrician he should have things like that, i think i understand what you mean though, and the room I'm playing in is a similar height to where the system is, hopefully not a motor since i just got it fixed.

I'm pretty sure it's the pickups that are humming, kinda frustrating since it's quite loud, but dropping gain / treble isn't really making it quieter with makes me think it'd be the amp or something, but the amp is fine when i put a grounded cable into it
I thought it was from the movie Dogma. Maybe plug your amp into a power conditioner?

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I would suggest a Noisegate and a power conditioner... Or buy a new house your choice lol

I had that issue when i lived in apartments there eletrical system sucked pretty bad but once i got my house all that went away.
never heard of power conditioners before :P just looked em up, atleast now i have a few things to try, thanks for the input guys!
good thing the weather is cooling off soon =p I can't afford a new house at the moment.

and Dogma is a great movie