I've got a bit of a question here. I've got two shows coming up with my band. We're coming with a setlist. We still need to learn a few of these, but I would like your opinions.

The first one is going to be just one or two songs. For that we're thinking Iron Man and something else. Suggestions?

Second show is more like a SHOW. Thirty minute setlist, as far as I know.

No intros yet, straight into the music.

Breaking the Law-Judas Priest
Crazy Train-Ozzy Osbourne

Here is where I banter with the crowd, introduce us, give them a little something to think about, get naked, etc.

Next we've got a dilemma. We know we're doing Fear of the Dark by Iron Maiden second to last, but we don't know what to do before that. We're wondering if we should put our original here, then lead into a solo spot, or put a cover song here, then lead to a solo spot. It looks like this

Fear of the Dark

We need so swap these around a bit.

I just realized that the original and Fear of the Dark are somewhat similar, and I want to end on a power song, as it's the best thing you can do. We're thinking of learning The Trooper. I could also write another original.

Basic question is: should we lead into two similar songs, or break them up with a solo song in between?

Any other things you could add, this is our first gig together.
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The ytse Jam inbetween. You will seex lots that night.
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second show
Iron Man - Black Sabbath
Breaking the Law-Judas Priest
Fear of the Dark - Iron Maiden
Crazy Train-Ozzy Osbourne
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If you can why don't you put another original track in the gap where the jam/solo is cgonna be, cause then people will have more to remember you by. Props to playing Fear of the Dark though, hope it goes well.